Fighting for the Underground vol.2 na programação da Metal Militia

A Coletânea " Fighting for the Underground vol.2" vai ser tocado na Programação Web Rádio Metal Militia Onde estará no programa Brasil Metal da semana que vem ... na 6ª feira, 22/02 as 22:00 hs com reprise na 2ª feira, 25/02 as  20:00 hs. 

 Track List: 
1-Malevolence (Portugal) -Slithering 
2-Zombie Cookbook -Then You Scream 
3-Abiosi - Acorda Playboy 
4-Tiberius Project - Santa Claus in Hell 
5-Loudrage (Romênia) - Fear Me 
6-Jackdevil - Bastards In The Guillotine 
7-Deadly Curse - Blind Faith 
8-Archityrants - Gruesome Symphony 
9-Crepúsculo dos Ídolos - Alta Sacerdotisa 
10-Hocnis- Against all 
11-Terror Empire (Portugal) - Last Fire 
12-Steps of Silence -Malefica Maleficarum 
13-Scar for Life (Portugal) -Last Crown 
14-Dinno Crissis -Devourad by vermim of death 
15-Redtie-Don't Forget 
16-Maua-Nothing is Like the same 
17-Predatory-Sickly Psychological Profile 
18- Chaosmaster-Synthesis of Existence 
19-Outlanders- Black Flags and Beer 
20-Errana- She Courtier (lullaby version) 
21-Hierarchical Punishment-Hungrys Industry 
22-Chemical Disaster - Forbidden Ways 
23-Maithungh- Lust in the kingdom of god 
24-Animal House - Ghost Riders (In The Sky) 
25-Dragon Ring -Secret of Steel 
26-Art Imperial - Oceans Of Tears

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